JULY 4, 2002 – 11 SEASONS AGO



BLUE LINE NOTEBOOK — AAA Las Vegas Outlaws midget majors will have a mini-camp the second weekend of August at the Santa Fe Stations Ice Arena on Rancho Drive…..Games will be scheduled and there are new skaters ice coach Rob Pallin will be looking at……AAA Outlaws still have several spots available on the roster….

Daniel Lekavich was in town skating for the California Cyclones roller team at the Six Pac Nationals roller tournament. He plans to return to the AAA L.A. Kings midget majors ice team this fall……His father, at the rink boards, said “we made a family decision that Daniel stay with us, at home, until he is 18. He’s only an ’85,’ so we still have some time to be together. That means a lot to us.”

Micah Sanford was superb in all of his floor play while skating for coach Dennis Parker’s famous Team Cheetah roller team at Six Pac…..Micah’s older brother, David, went down with a tough injury — a stick to the throat — in the last game vs. the Scorpions of San Diego. David was down on the floor several minutes and returned to the bench saying “I couldn’t catch my breath.”….He was OK, though, and returned to action the same game…

We were on the Cheetah team bench during the weekend and there was lots of great sumertime hockey talk during all of the Six Pac tournament games…’s a thrill for Micah, who is away from home 10 months a year, to reassemble his roller team which won national titles in 1996….

Hottest topic in the bleachers: The Logo for the AAA Outlaws midget majors, as written about extensively on the Bulletin Board……

John Horton, the ice rink manager at Crystal Palace on Flamingo, says he’ll have a grand opening right around the first weekend of September……He’s ambitious and says his house league games should attract many skaters….Plus, he pours a great cup of coffee…..John worked the counter at the snack bar at the Six Pac Nationals roller tournament….

Good luck to Eddie Del Grosso. He heads for the famous ‘Hockey Night in Boston’ tournament which begins August 3….

From The Blue Line, Lee