Eddie Del Grosso on the prowl…

Star defenseman Eddie Del Grosso, an ’85, of Las Vegas texts “…no, I haven’t committed to anywhere yet for this season. Couple of teams still talking with.”

So far Chris Francis of Las Vegas 3 goals, 8 assists in four games for the defending NARCh Pro champions Revision Vanquish roller team. Today Chris and Revision take on powerful Pama Cyclones of L.A. in a Final 8 game at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Pama is at NARCh Pro with some new players and a “new look” according to their head coach.

That was Las Vegas goal scorer Adam Naglich, heading to Hungary, bumping into coach Rob Pallin, doing the same, at McCarron Airport in Las Vegas yesterday afternoon. Adam signed a contract to play on coach Rob’s new team.

Looking for the whereabouts of the following – contact me at leesamuels07@aol.com

  • Hockey dad Harry Long
  • Hockey dad Steve Allen
  • Colorado skater Tanar Nobles – last seen at a showcase in Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas goal scorer Steven Hoernicke
  • Alex ‘Black Jack’ Redmond
  • Mike Zenzola, UNLV goal scorer
  • SD Gulls hockey coach Rob Neumann
  • Goal scorer Cody Williams of Las Vegas