Rob Pallin, born in Minnesota, coached hockey at all levels for 20 seasons in Las Vegas. He is now coaching professionally with the Sapa Fehevar A19 hockey club in Hungary.

Where exactly are you in Hungary. What time does your team practice

“The city is Szekesfehervar, Hungary, 20 miles west of Budapest. Practice is at 10:30 am

At practices what sort of drills does the team do

“We do lots of flow drills, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2. Neutral zone regroup and attack the zone. Practices are one hour but very intense. Then we work on individual drills with players. Shooting, skating, conditioning for some players.

Have you met other US skaters on opposing teams and if so, who

“You run into other North American players all the time. It’s always fun to catch up with them. Blackwater, Ljubliana, Fraser, Villach, Switzer, Innsbruck, Sweda, Vienna are all former Wranglers to name a few.”

You were a coach in the ECHL two seasons. If there is a difference from the ECHL to the league you are coaching now.

“The Austrian league is better than the Coast in skating and skill level. I believe the skill level is the same as AHL in the top two lines but the AHL third and fourth lines are much better.”

How is it working with head coach Marty Raymond who a few years ago coached the ECHL Bakersfield Condors.  How did you get together with him.

“Its been great with Marty. Players play hard for him. Marty is a good coach and a better person. Marty was my coach in 1997-98 in Cergy Pointoise, France. We have kept in touch ever since.”

What does it really take for a player to get to and play in the NHL

“It takes lots of work and God given talent to make the NHL, and still no guarantee – being on a team at the right time and place.”

You have a Las Vegas player, Adam Naglich, on your team. What is his role on game nights.

“Adam Naglich is very important to this club. He logs lots of ice time. First line center, really smart on the pk, big piece on our powerplay. He is one of the smartest players in this league. I believe this is because of roller hockey. I don’t think coach Larry Sanford (Las Vegas) realizes the impact he has made in Las Vegas hockey community.”

On game nights, what are your responsibilites

“On game nights I look at video of the visiting team pk and pp and discuss it with our players. Always looking to create new things on the pk and pp. Once the game starts I’m in charge of the D and special teams.”

How do you get your hockey fix and other news in the US. What websites do you go on each day.

“I have my Ipad with me so I keep in touch with the Las Vegas Wranglers, Minnesota Wild, UNLV football and my Minnesota Vikings ouch!!!  Still keep in touch weekly with coach Madill and several of the Wrangler players.”

Do you still drink your Starbucks latte before going to the bench on game nights.

“It’s crazy but I drive 20 minutes four times a week just to get a Starbucks.

All of the folks back home in Las Vegas are asking if you be coming home for the Christmas holidays.

“I will not be getting home for Christmas because of our schedule. Marty will going back to Bakersfield to see his family next week. Our league shuts down for 10 days for international play in November. I will be scouting couple of players for next year. I will be taking a trip to Germany to see a former Wrangler Pete MacArthur who is playing in German Elite league. We are also very interested in Chris Francis for next year.


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