Nobody asked me but….

//Rob Pallin will return and coach at Sapa Fehervar A19 in Hungary next season.

//Las Vegas goal scorer Adam Naglich will return there too.

//Chris Francis will break loose and blast in some goals.

//Jake McKenna will be the next bigtime defenseman in town

//Maybe he’ll be as good as Eddie Del Grosso who is playing his best hockey in years for the ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers.

//We’ll be writing more about goalie Bradyn Mensch of the Las Vegas Jr Wranglers 16u

//UNLV’s playoff fate will be determined in upcoming home games against San Jose State and Michigan

//The AA Las Vegas Jr Wranglers 18u will go very deep at the U.S. Nationals

//There is nothing like the Jr Wranglers top line skating hard across the blue line and into attack areas.

//A year from now Ethan Montoya and many others will be in junior hockey.

//Or, they will be playing in college hockey.

//Megan Myers is the best woman’s skater of our time. Just ask the hockey folks at Utica College.

//Anthony Greener wanted to and could have played pro hockey.

//But a few years ago while playing for UNLV in a road game at Long Beach State, he was down, pinned against the rink boards and a defenseman skated in, blasted him, injurying his left knee.

//He had surgery and never played again.

//That’s his jersey – Number 96 – high on the arena wall at the SoBe Ice Arena.

//Whenever we go to LV Ice Center, we asked for a ‘half and half’ – half coffee, half hot chocoate.

//It makes some of the cold go away on the south rink.

//In the fall, there is nothing like walking into the Sobe Ice Arena with a bright harvest moon over it.

//Or looking at the Christmas tree with all of the bright lights there outside the rink doors, next to the Subway.

//You know its a big game when Frank ‘Gramps’ Perone is on the bench lining up the sticks on the bench.

//Or when Joe Battaglia is in the box, running the scoreboard and announcing the goals.

//The way hockey dad Bill Tufano did for years at Crystal Palace on North Rancho Drive.

//Or when AAA L.A. Jr Kings midget major with star players used to send its big teams into the Santa Fe Ice Arena to take on the AA Las Vegas Mustangs.

//Las Vegas hockey dad Tommy Ricketts really does have over 10,000 Topps hockey cards.

//Years ago when we saw Spike Neely play for AA Las Vegas Mustangs in 1999-2000 we knew what All Heart was all about.

//Getting over the wall, into the game and blasting down the ice like Spike did.

//He is the real reason there is an All Heart award.

//Spike was on the Triple Threat Line with Travis Roseberry and JC Caron.

//That was the first bigtime top line we ever saw in Las Vegas.

//The best player I ever saw at a practice was Cory Ward.

//There is a new wave of young players coming in.

//You don’t know their names yet.

//Some just got their first skates on Christmas morning.


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