Thursday, May 1, 2014

We’re looking for the whereabouts of the following players, coaches and hockey folks:

//Steve Allen, Las Vegas hockey dad

//Kyle Clay, a top line player for years with Nevada Stars

//Justin Johnson, for a few seasons he was one of the greatest defensemen in Las Vegas

//Ryan King, awesome goal scorer from Las Vegas

//Ryan Krametbauer, top defenseman for UNLV

//Stephen Leypoldt, from Las Vegas to captain of Butte Roughriders

//Harry Long, Las Vegas hockey dad – last seen at a UNLV game

//Joe Myers, played at Las Vegas Ice Center, then with Eugene Generals

//Taner Nobles, Colorado skater – last season at a Las Vegas Showcase years ago

//Alex ‘Blackjack Redmond – last seen in San Jose area

//Shaun Stackhouse, one of the first Las Vegas skaters to play pro

If you know, please send an update over to