Thursday, May 29, 2014

Huntington Beach, Ca. –  Scoreking Micah Sanford of Las Vegas is injured and is not on the travel list for the Las Vegas Tour Rebels pro roller team which begins play Friday night in a NARCh Qualifier at The Rinks-Huntington Beach.

“Micah got struck with an inadvertent helmet in a game the last time we played in NARCh,” said Rebels team leader Nick Robone. “He was struck in the nose area. He didn’t bleed much at the time but when he went home and checked it out surgery was needed.”

Here is the travel roster for Las Vegas this weekend:

Nick Robone

Shawn Pearson

Billy Tufano

Chris Francis

Andrew Tamura

Andrew White

Taylor Abramson

Sam Braniff

Adam Tamura

Cody Williams

Goalie – Mike Urbano