“Well I never had a chance to see Ryan play since I can’t drive from home to UNLV and back after dark, but I’ve known Ryan (and his parents and his sister) for almost 13 years. We moved into our subdivision literally the same weekend in 2001, and until recently we lived two doors from each other. He’s a really cool kid (I am roughly twice his age, so I think he’ll give me a pass on calling him a kid), very intelligent, very likable, and always friendly. Well he might get upset and a little less friendly when the Packers lose, but so do I since we both grew up Packer fans. Cheers with a Big Dog’s brew from our favorite Las Vegas Packer bar!

Greg, commenting on Ryan Bowman’s ‘Ten Questions’ story here on Vegashockey.net – Ryan just graduated from UNLV where he was a top defenseman for years.