Tuesday, June 24, 2012

Roy Henderson and his Las Vegas Global Showcase at the Las Vegas Ice Center this week is the best there is and there’s been quite a few Showcases here in town. For years Roy has helped Las Vegas players advance to the junior and college level of the game. Roy knows the game, knows talent when he sees it, and says “there’s a team somewhere for every player we have here at Global.”  He was one of the first to say Jason Zucker of Las Vegas would play in the NHL and two years ago said Vito Carlo of Las Vegas is the real deal. Roy is one of the owners of the BCHL Langley Rivermen as well.


Jimmy Samuels, 16, of Las Vegas was playing the NHL 2014 game on his XBox when he found a WHL app on the game. He went to it, scrolled through the rosters and discovered Beau McCue who plays for the WHL Tri-City Americans. “Skated with Beau when he was here in town with the Nevada Storm bantams,” Jimmy said. “Now he’s on my fantasy hockey team.”


Most folks at Crystal Palace know Chris Raveling as a referee in the men’s league roller games. What they don’t know is that when Chris skates on the big rink it’s a miracle. When he was in third grade, he was on a bicycle going to school. He forgot his homework.  When he rode his bike home, he went through a school crosswalk, was struck by a car and had a fractured skull, punctured lungs, induced coma. Somehow, someway he recovered and, got back on his skates.  Four years ago Chris skated in the NARCh Nationals Championships with the Adam Tamura-coached Sin City Snipers.

And what was Chris thinking when he hit the floor that very first game at the Nationals?

“Heaven,” he telling the folks at the rinkboards last night.

When Gabe Gauthier got the job as the head coach of the WSHL Las Vegas Storm the first thing he learned is that he was starting from scratch – not a single player on his roster.

“Does the WSHL give you a few players,” we asked.

“No, we’re a new club and we have to get every player ourselves,” he said.


Eddie Samuels’ nephew is five-year-old Ryan Zurfluh. He wants to play roller hockey. So last night he brought his own net with four sticks – two of them plastic – at the Crystal Palace roller rink on North Rancho Drive. He pulled on his green skates and in a few moments, a big game was on over by the vending machines by the North wall. His hockey mom MC was a big soccer star in high school so maybe that’s the connection.  At home, Ryan’s sister Leah, age 2 1/2, is the goalie

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