Thursday, June 26, 2014

A top goalie is not available, so the medal-winning Las Vegas Tour Rebels roller team will not be sending its NARCh Pro team to the NARCh Nationals next month in Estero, Fla.

The Rebels also decided not to play in the upcoming AAU Junior Olympics which will be held July 10-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“Pretty unfortunate, but Micah (Sanford) just informed me we will not have a pro team going out because we were unable to find a pro goalie,” said Nick Robone, a 4-time Vegas Hockey Roller Player of the Year.

Mike Urbano was the goalie for Las Vegas at a NARCh Quaifier in Huntington Beach. Las Vegas beat Outcast Arizona in the gold medal game. Urbano, from Southern California, was named ‘Best Goalie’ of the tournament but he is not available to go to the NARCh Nationals.

Some of the Rebels skaters, Robone said, will try to hook on with other teams who are qualified and going to the Nationals.

Here are the NARCh Pro teams entered:

Alkali Assault, Alkali RPD, Alkali Surge, Arizona Outcasts, Black Ice, Bordercats, Detroit Infamous, Florida Dirtybirds, ISCA Grizzlies, Labeda Snipers, Next Gen, LA Pama Cyclones, Tour Excitement, Tour LTD, Tour Mudcats, Tour Roadrunners, Vanquish.