As Las Vegas skaters prepare for Playoff Weekend, a hometown Las Vegas insider talks about the great teams and lines which came out of the Las Vegas Ice Center. This is one of the great emails ever sent to Vegashockey.net

Special to Vegashockey.net

We have a lot of writeups here on coach Rob’s old teams. But I think we have forgotten the importance of coach Pokey Reddick’s 16u teams with Bryce Reddick, Corbin Brown, Kyle Clay, Ryan Scheafer, Steven Bolton, Colby Cookson, Ryan Sutliffe, Matt Hedderly, Kris Carter, Chris Rial, Robbie Silvernail, Alex Yug, Christian Bryant, etc.

When they won the 16u Pacific District Championship in 2005, that wasn’t suppose to happen. In 2006 they won 4 tournaments at home including a game that to me, my son and any person you speak to, was the most exciting game to date at the Las Vegas Ice Center against the (Long Beach) Ice Dogs semifinals double OT to go on and win the Pacific District Championship in 2006.

Pokey Reddick and those 2 teams put that rink and organization on the USA hockey map. Hamilton Whyte, the Quinney kids, Brendan Harris, Sullivan, Brooks, Chiasson, Raats all grew up watching those guys play – just like most of the 89s and 90s who grew up watching Rob’s teams at the Santa Fe Ice Arena.

After 2006 is when they changed the name and began billeting kids from out of state. Everyone wanted to play at that rink.

The line of Bryce Reddick, Corbin Brown and Kyle Clay terrorized teams for 2 years.

They were called the Teal Line. No one could stop them, just like Jasek, Samuels and Naglich did. Those 2 Pokey teams were in the papers in Summerlin, Las Vegas Review Journal, USA Hockey. Many kids at that rink continued playing because of the excitement of those 2 back to back teams.

The rinks would be packed with 200-300 people. I remember the buzz of every team team in that organization coming to watch these teams play. Parents took kids out of school early to watch the Friday afternoon games. Mike Sullivan, Jeff Hajner, Jason Allen, Rob Pallin, Larry Sanford and YOU all at the rink boards watching.

We haven’t had a team that good and fun to watch since then, everyone knows it. I believe Rob’s midget teams of those back to back seasons from AA-AAA and Pokey’s two AA teams were the best teams the city has ever seen to date.

Not to mention it was all Las Vegas skaters, no one from out of town like we see now. Just ask the Vegas coaches – Rob Pallin, Ken Quinney, Rod Buskas and anyone around that team and Pokey had the support and gathering like no other.

I would like to nominate Bryce Reddick and Corbin Brown into the Top 15 skaters in Las Vegas history.

Bryce Reddick was so smooth on his skates. He might have been the fastest kid to play in Vegas. Faster than Jasek. Just ask around.

Corbin Brown at 5’6″ was truely the first small player out of Las Vegas and he went on to play for one of the best NAHL franchises in the Wenatchee Wild which was a Robertson Cup runnerup. I’d say he helped kick start all of these other kids who have played in Wenatchee

Like I said, those 2 Pokey teams were very exciting.

And not a lot about them.

It’s part of history at the Las Vegas Ice Center.

They kick started it for all of our kids and the organization.