Thursday, September 24, 2015

It looks like some good news is coming regarding the NHL Las Vegas franchise. An announcement is on it way for the 2017 season.


Las Vegas skater Ethan Montoya, who played so well for UNLV in its first game against Utah last weekend, will be back in the lineup for the Rebels at Long Beach State on Thursday night. Ethan had a cut on his neck on Opening Night at the Las Vegas Ice Center but is cleared and ok to play this week.

And how good is Long Beach State?

UNLV co-head coach Nick Robone said “…last year they had two of the top scorers in the league but we’re not sure of their opening night roster. We are just focused on our team and making sure we stick to our game plan.”


Las Vegas has skaters playing around the world: Chris Francis is in Hungary, Bryce Reddick in Norway and Connor Haney in Germany.


Looking for the whereabouts of these former AAA San Diego Gulls

— Dan Comrie

— Tommy Neer

— Rafael Rodriguez

— John Stoddard