Bryce Dale Steps Down after 6 Seasons Behind the Bench

To All Fresno Monster Fans,

It has been both an honor and a privilege to have been the second coach of the Fresno Monsters and to have had the opportunity to coach in the city that call my hometown. For me to write this letter as the second coach of this team means that I have been fortunate to have been part of an amazing experience here in Fresno, and I am extremely humbled and grateful to have been allowed to be in this position.

Although we have experienced a record of 324-22-22 with three Western Division Championships in 6 years, our record has continued to be an afterthought for myself along with the banners that continue to sit behind my office door. In junior hockey, the goal is to win. However, it is my contention that there is a greater purpose here in Fresno. That greater purpose is to emphasize the team over the individual while helping our players move on to play college & professional hockey. Championships are won by teams that love each another, who enjoy and respect each another, and who play for and support each other.

It has been important to us, and it has been an obligation to teach these young men the lessons, principles, and life skills they need once they are done playing the game. The values of honesty, dedication, hard work, integrity, and service to the community have been the things that we’ve taken pride in teaching them along with the game of hockey. Our intentions when we started were not to create winners on the ice, but better yet, winners in life. We tried to develop the character of each man that walked through our doors and mold them into people of character that everyone can be proud of. The source of drive for me has been when our players reach back out and thank us for becoming a better man, better son, and better teammate because they were a Fresno Monster.

I want to thank the greatest fans in the Western States Hockey League, which is the entire community of Fresno. We have the best fans in the entire league, and putting together a team that you will be proud of will be one of the things I miss the most. Despite playing in the coldest rink in the state with limited or no seating, you still come out every night to support our players and cheer them on as if they were one of your own. You have all been truly been amazing.

I would like to thank our assistant coaches Jason, Zach, Steve, and Brian for their amazing support and dedication to our players and their development. I am proud to say that I have been able to work next to some of the hardest working and honest people I know and I am truly humbled to have been a part of their lives. To James and all of our off ice volunteers – you are all the best group that anybody could ever ask for and the absolute difference in what sets our organization apart from the rest. To David & Lisa, I want to thank you for your unwavering support of our team and allowing me to have the responsibility to represent the both of you and our organization to the hockey world and the community of Fresno.

I would love to thank my family and my wonderful wife-to-be, Callie, for their support and the sacrifices that they made to allow me to serve in my position. I am excited for the future of hockey in Fresno and have one hundred percent confidence that the team will achieve higher goals than ever before. Although I will not be watching any more games from behind the bench, I want you all to know that I will always bleed green as the Monsters will always be near and dear to my heart.

Humbly Yours,

Bryce Dale