Top goal scorers for UNLV at the U.S. Nationals: Andrew Tamura 7, Austin Shannon 6, Logan Sussman 5, Cody Williams 4, Steven Scamorza 3, Darren Corsatea 2, Ian Davis 1

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – It’s the Silver Medal for the UNLV Rebels roller hockey team which had a spectacular run at the U.S. Nationals.  UNLV, 6-2-0 overall here, beat Bethel 6-2 in a Final 4 game where Andrew Tamura scored 4 goals, then lost 4-1 in the gold medal game to defending champion Neumann.  UNLV all week got a spectacular effort from its star elite goalie Terry Martin. It was the best finish ever for UNLV.

Adam Tamura and Jared Jaeger are the coaches of the Rebels.


National Collegiate Roller Hockey Nationals

Final 4 Game

UNLV Rebels 6, Bethel 2

UNLV scoring

UNLV – Austin Shannon (Andrew Tamura)

UNLV – Andrew Tamura (Steven Scamorza)

UNLV – Andrew Tamura (Cody Williams)

UNLV – Andrew Tamura (Darren Corsatea)

UNLV – Cody Williams (Austin Shannon)

UNLV – Andrew Tamura (Austin Shannon) – powerplay

UNLV goalie – Terry Martin


Gold Medal Game

Neumann 4, UNLV 1

UNLV – Austin Shannon (Ian Davis)

UNLV goalie – Terry Martin


Friday, April 8, 2016

Cedar Rapids, Iowa –  The UNLV Rebels roller hockey team is in the Division One Final 4 at the U.S. Nationals. UNLV won two games on Thursday – 5-2 over West Chester, 4-2 over Florida Gulf Coast – and is now 5-1-0 overall here. On Saturday UNLV takes on Bethel in a Final 4 game. In the opposite bracket defending champion Neumann faces Michigan State.

UNLV, which plays at the highest level of college roller at the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Nationals, again got balanced scoring while winning two games Friday. UNLV’S elite goalie Terry Martin has been in the net this week.

Adam Tamura and Jared Joerger are the coaches of the Rebels.

Here are the Friday final scores:


UNLV – Austin Shannon (Cody Williams assist)

UNLV – Cody Williams

UNLV – Darren Corsatea (Steven Scamorza)

UNLV – Logan Sussman (Austin Shannon)

UNLV – Andrew Tamura



UNLV – Steven Scamorza

UNLV – Austin Shannon (Logan Sussman)

UNLV – Darren Corsatea (Andrew Tamura)

UNLV – Logan Sussman