2015-2016 Season Commitments

Brody Cavataio (G. Ontario Avalanche)            Boise State University (ACHA DII)

Brantt Heble (F. Fresno Monsters)            University of Northern Colorado (ACHA DII)

Conner Osborne (F. Fresno Monsters)            University of Northern Colorado (ACHA DII)

Nick Buchholz (F. Fresno Monsters)            University of Northern Colorado (ACHA DII)

Ty Jansen (G. Butte Cobras)            Missouri State College (ACHA DI)

Nick Castellano (F. Butte Cobras)            University of Mississippi (ACHA DIII)

Chadd Lounder (F. Butte Cobras)            Missouri State College (ACHA DI)

Kevin Philbin (F. Butte Cobras)            Adrian College (ACHA DI)

Tanner Ulland (F. Colorado Junior Eagles)            University of Oklahoma (ACHA DI)

Austin Fetterly (F. Colorado Junior Eagles)            Finlandia University (NCAA DIII)

Aidan Doughty (F. Superior RoughRiders)            Wightlink Raiders (England NIHL)

Eliot Herz (D. Superior RoughRiders)            St. Olaf College (NCAA DIII)

Mans Lindqvist (F. Superior RoughRiders)            Vänersborgs HC (Sweden DII)

Kyle Reilly (F. Superior RoughRiders)            Colorado State University (ACHA D1)

Doug Gutierrez (F. Southern Oregon Spartans)            United States Air Force Academy (NCAA DI)

Jordan Elwood (G. Southern Oregon Spartans)            St. Mary’s University (NCAA DIII)

Victor Blomberg  (F.  Ontario Avalanche)            Liberty University  (ACHA D1)

Andrew Cervantes  (F.  Ontario Avalanche)           Marian University  (NCAA DIII)

Brandon Mills  (F.  Ontario Avalanche)            Marian University  (NCAA DIII)

Kyle Mugica  (G.  Ontario Avalanche)            Gustavus Adolphus  (NCAA DIII)

Donovan Shambeau  (F.  Ontario Avalanche)            University of Nevada – Las Vegas  (ACHA D1)

Alec Suquette  (F.  Ontario Avalanche)            Williston State College (NJCAA)

Motohiro Hobara   (F.  Ontario Avalanche)            Robert Morris University  (ACHA DII