May 26, 2001 
Wow — What a Way to Open the Disney Shootout!!!!
But There’s Danger Ahead: Langley Hornets Are Here!!!

Anaheim, Calif. — Las Vegas goalie Cody Fulweiler racked up two straight shutout wins as Joe Morin’s Arizona Roadrunners cruised to 6-0, 9-0 wins to open the Shootout on Ice at the Disney Ice Arena on Friday and Saturday.

Fulweiler, the #1 goalie for the AA Las Vegas Mustangs last winter, looked sharp in the first two games. Morin blended a mix of Arizona and Las Vegas 17-and-under skaters, and put together an explosive line which included Travis Roseberry and Josh Jasek of the Las Vegas Mustangs.

Arizona opened with a 6-0 win over the usually tough Ventura Mariners, then tore apart the Tri-Valley Blue Devils, 9-0. When Arizona popped in three quick ones against Tri-Valley, Morin ordered his high-powered lines to back off on the throttle.

Other Las Vegas skaters here include Spike Neely, who is skating hard as a winger and J.C. Caron who is getting work on defense. There is speculation that Caron, who was very strong at left wing last winter (The Roseberry, Neely, Caron line scored 85 times), will be moved to ‘D’ for the 2001-02 Mustangs.

Las Vegas’ top defenseman, T.J. Craig, is also wearing the blue and white for Morin.

Arizona plays two on Sunday (11:15 a.m., 5:15 p.m.) and expects to win both games. However, the heat turns up when the bracket crossover games start.

A Canadian team, the Langley Hornets, are big, strong and powerful. And, Todd Collins of Arizona brought a new team here, the Northwest Ice.

Collins’ team, which includes son Dusty, will have to deal with Langley initially, then Morin will have to figure a way to beat a hard-skating Canadian team which has size and likes to hit.

We will have a more complete report late Sunday evening.

NOTEBOOK – Larry Sanford’s Las Vegas Titans AAA roller bantam team heads for Anaheim on Sunday. The Titans will play a KOHO Pacific Cup tripleheader beginning early Sunday evening. Billy Tufano, Adam Naglich, Michael Morton and Jason Allen are the key touring players on this elite team….

Eddie Samuels, meanwhile, is getting set for final exams at Battle Mountain High in Vail, Colorado this coming week. Older brother Richie will head for Vail and pick up Eddie on Saturday, June 2……..

From the Blue Line, Lee