Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Las Vegas –  Roller legends Micah Sanford and Nick Robone are getting the Las Vegas Tour Rebels Men’s Platinum team set to play in the NARCh West Finals which begin June 16 at The Rinks in Huntington Beach.

Robone said team practices will be at the Las Vegas Roller Hockey Center on Karen Ave. The Las Vegas roster includes Micah, Nick, Chris Francis, Billy Tufano, Shawn Pearson, Kris Carter, Brendan Harris and Will Hienze.  Morgan Marinello will be the goalie.

The Las Vegas team opens tournament play on June 17 in Huntington Beach. There is a field of 18 teams.

NARCh Men’s Platinum

Hockey House Vipers
Kamagraf Knights
Labeda Rinos
Las Vegas Tour Rebels-NV
PAMA Labeda Cyclones
PAMA Labeda Cyclones Blue
Red Army
Soul Skaters
South Coast Savage
Sprung Hosers
Supa Hot
Tour Brazil
Verbero Spray Division 1
Kamagraf Knights
Konixx Outcasts
PAMA Labeda Cyclones
Revision Vanquish
Spring Hosers
Supa Hot