Monday, June 20, 2016



By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas –  Rob Pallin, now the head coach of HC TWK Innsbruck in the Austria Elite League, said captain Anthony Greener of UNLV was the best Rebel he had ever coached. 

Rob was a six-time Las Vegas Coach of the Year, many those awards coming when he was head coach of UNLV.

Greener began playing for UNLV in 2005-06. He played on the top UNLV line in every game he played. He scored 129 career goals and his jersey was retired by the team.

Greener is now the head coach of UNLV.

“As a player Anthony played hard with heart, passion, had a will to win, never gave up, gave it all he had everytime he was on the ice in the biggest of games. He is what the game is all about,” Rob said.

Nick Robone, who coaches UNLV with Greener, said Greener is deserving of the award.

“Anthony has always been an elite player,” Robone said. “He is a few years older than me so we never had a chance to play together but everyone told me there was never a better team guy than him.

“I think what makes Anthony a great coach is that he really cares for every single one of our UNLV players. He builds strong relationships and will do whatever he can do to help them succeed on and off the ice. He is just a genuine person all around.”