Friday, June 24, 2016

Las Vegas hockey insiders including star players, coaches and hockey folks from town give their take on our new NHL Las Vegas team.


Hockey dad Steve Allen, Las Vegas – “I am very happy for us old time hockey folks. I wish NHL Las Vegas good luck but still must root for my BlackHawks.

Defenseman Richie Crossley, Las Vegas  – “I think all of this will help the sport of hockey. I think the more people who go to the games and watch it live will appreciate it a lot more.”

Star defenseman Eddie Del Grosso, Las Vegas – “I’m real excited for it. It will be nice to watch more hockey in town and it really should help with the youth development in the sport.”

Goal scorer Chris Francis of Las Vegas – “I think this is awesome. I cannot wait to see how much the sport grows in Las Vegas and to see how many more people fall in love with this amazing sport.”

Megan Edmunds, UNLV Rebels hockey PR and Social – “I think the NHL coming to Las Vegas is most definitely an incredible thing for our hockey community. Just in the past day or so since it was announced, it has already been evident that people are pumped for it. It will create new hockey fans and give more people passion for the sport. It will benefit UNLV in the push to go D1 and it will provide more opportunities for youth hockey to grow within the city.”

UNLV head coach Anthony Greener – “Lots of excitement and buzz now that it is finally confirmed. The news is finally out and that is all I am seeing in Social Media plus I am getting texts from players families and other people in the hockey community. I think this will be the new hot thing to do in Las Vegas, go to see NHL Las Vegas. All of the big casinos will buy box seats and that will make it even bigger. I am excited for the hockey community and Las Vegas because we are such a close knit group.”

Gabe Gauthier, Director of Hockey at Las Vegas Ice Center and head coach/GM of the WSHL Las Vegas Storm – “It is very exciting to have the NHL team here. It is going to be great for building more hockey players and educating fans on how great this game really is.”

Las Vegas hockey coach Matt Johnson who is now working on his Masters degree at Tufts University – “Everyone wants a home team. Kids in Boston love the Bruins, people in Minnesota love the Wild, those in Dallas love the Stars. So you are going to see a group that will grow  up loving their Las Vegas team. It’s their team and identity to cheer for. It’s also going to help hockey development. The more you watch hockey the better your Hockey IQ develops so having an NHL team will allow the young Las Vegas players an opportunity to watch and learn more frequently. And then you add UNLV into the mix when their move to NCAA means you have created a true hockey community.”

Hockey dad George Kemper, Las Vegas – “I think it’s great. I hope the Minnesota Wild let’s us steal Jason Zucker from them.”

Hockey dad John McNicholas, Los Angeles – “It is great for the Las Vegas hockey community. Hopefully hockey families will support the team and tickets will be affordable.”

Hockey dad Orlando Montoya, Las Vegas – “I’ve always been a firm believer that Las Vegas would be a great place for a pro team. I mean who doesn’t like to come to Vegas…and now to have an additional reason. I’ve already secured my season tickets and at the same time will be able to watch UNLV make their push to NCAA Division 1 which only makes it better for hockey in Las Vegas. I think it’s going to be awesome.”

Goal scorer Will ‘Money’ Munson, San Diego – “Love it. For sure going there for the first Anaheim Ducks game there. Hope it does well. Nervous about how the fan base will be after the initial couple of years but I bet other leagues (NFL, NBA) will start looking at Las Vegas too.”

Vegas Hockey HOF goal scorer Adam Naglich – “This is going to be great for both the city and the hockey community. With many people being introduced to hockey for the first time I think we will see youth programs grow and give more a chance to play.”

UNLV hockey coach Nick Robone – “It’s great for hockey in town. It will really elevate our youth hockey and hopefully we (UNLV) can have an established partnership with them.”

Hockey dad Steve Pochiro, Las Vegas  – “I love it. I put in for tickets a year ago – lower bowl.”

Defenseman Mike Trimboli who just graduated from Utah State – “It is really exciting and cool to have a NHL team coming to town. Now I can go to games like I always wanted to do as a kid.”

Hockey dad Pete Trimboli, Las Vegas – “This is great for the town and will help grow the sport here. I had already put a deposit down on season tickets. My buddy and I are splitting the games.

Hockey dad Scott Zucker – “I can’t wait. Should be good for the City.”

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