Micah Sanford – One of the greatest goal scorers in Las Vegas


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Las Vegas –  Like Las Vegas star goal scorer Micah Sanford says “we are not teenagers anymore.”  But how old really are the Las Vegas past stars, current ones and rising stars. You can check it out now.


34 – Micah Sanford

32 – Paul Lowden, Adam Naglich

31 – Jeff Hajner, Josh Jasek

30 – Eddie Del Grosso, Eddie Samuels

27 – Jason Allen, Corbin Brown, Kyle Clay, Chris Francis

26 – Matt Hedderly, Bryce Reddick

25 – Chris Rial

24 – Jason Zucker, Kenny Brooks, Connor Haney, Megan Myers

23 – Mike Trimboli

22 – Gage Quinney, Terry Martin, Michael McNicholas, Zach Pochiro, Beau Ricketts, Joe Sullivan, Cory Ward

20 – Brendan Harris, Alec Mono, Joey Raats

18 – Landon Quinney, Vito Carlo, Jake McKenna, Chase Smith

17 – Michael Cichy