To Lee and Mary Margaret Samuels

Pauline, Kurt, and I were saddened to hear of Eddie’s passing. We all had a great deal of respect for Eddie’s character, ability, toughness, and desire to win. Kurt told us many times what a keen competitor Eddie was and how much respect he had for him. One of my first memories of Eddie was when you folks came out to our house for Kurt’s 10th birthday. The kids played some roller hockey and we could see immediately that Eddie was an outstanding player. Because Eddie and Kurt were born just a few days apart, I always felt a connection with Eddie because, in many ways, he reminded me of Kurt. Our prayers go out to your family during these difficult times. We have no doubt that Eddie is looking down at us and saying “Don’t be sad for me because I’m in a better place and I’ll be seeing you again in the blink of an eye.”

Sincerely, Pauline, Kurt, and Harry Long