Our readers have been searching for and reading this story on the late Tommy Ricketts, written just over a year here on Vegashockey.net – We were invited to daughter Tulsa’s wedding on a quiet Saturday night – Lee


Sunday, March 15, 2015


By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – Hockey dad Tommy Ricketts of Las Vegas has been in and out of hospitals for what, a few years or so. He doesn’t deserve – no one does – all of the medical stuff going on. But he got out this past weekend to be with his daughter Tulsa Rene who was getting married over at a beautiful church on West Alexander on Saturday evening.

Tulsa Rene and groom Brian were the stars of the show. Beau Ricketts, the star of the WSHL Las Vegas Storm hockey club, and sister Chy Anne sat with their father. Mom Charla was attending to things that mother’s do at a daughter’s wedding.

“Do you remember writing about me and my dad,” a girl asked there.

I forgot, then it all came flashing back…

Kendall Galor. She was the little girl who used to skate years ago with her hockey dad Oren over at Crystal Palace Roller Rink.

Except, she’s not a little girl anymore.

“Senior at UNLV. Dad and I are now partners in our business, Nevada Insurance Connection,” she said.

Over to our left was roller star Adam Tamura.

We told him he was a great player, always enjoyed watching him skate.

He smiled, said thank you and then moved on.

Then at our table – and I didn’t start it, I don’t think, hockey talk got underway.

Tommy said Beau’s first hockey coach was Joe Raats. Beau was a mini mite. It was Joe who taught how to chip a puck off the sideboard to get the puck past a defenseman.

Then there was the story about Rob Pallin.

“Rob used to stack these plastic boxes – blue, green, yellow – on the ice. Beau was nine or 10 years old. He had to use his backhand the puck over top of the boxes. When Beau did, Rob would reconfigure the plastic boxes,” Tommy said.

Tommy took a sip of a cold purple drink. On the floor daughter Tulsa Rene was dancing with her new husband Brian.

Tommy said he didn’t feel all that well tonight, but said he had to be here.

We all nodded yes.

Beau spoke about a team being closer on the junior level than on the midget level.

“First of all with the Storm we practiced every day,” he said. “We had great coaches. (Coach) Gabe Gauthier knows the game. Great coach. So was my coach at Helena, Scott Cunningham. One time between periods we were losing and Scott fired off his hockey board – like a clipboard – and it got stuck in something. It was something to see actually.”

We all laughed quietly.

Then it was Time.

Time for Tommy to go to the center of the ballroom floor and dance with his daughter Tulsa Rene.

Tommy got to his feet, Beau was next to him.

The lights dimmed.

Tulsa Rene was a radiant bride, waiting for her father.

It was something to see.

And for all of the loving eyes watching them dance together on a ballroom floor…

It was unforgettable and all of this were really…

Precious moments.