By Adam Stio

GM/Head Coach

The Las Vegas Knights are playing in Major League Roller Hockey this season – – they call it the Super League season as we are doing just an 8 game test season before next spring where we intend to pay the players in a roller hockey league for the first time in awhile. Our current format is every time a team wins they will receive $500

August 27th were the opening games
We lost to the South Coast Savage 6-4 with an empty netter

We won against last years champs and #1 ranked team the Orange County Cowboys

Yesterday we lost to the Southern California Phantoms 3-1 with an empty netter

We beat the new #1 team Los Angeles Pama Cyclones (previously 3-0 going into the game) 7-1

It is tough to be 2-2, we could have been 4-0 or 0-4 – it’s been great hockey both weeks

We play the next couple of Saturdays 9-24 and 10-1, with all games in Irvine, CA – including a game against the last team we haven’t played against yet, the San Diego Hosers

So far everyone has wins. There have been some great games going both ways over these past two weekends, former and current NARCh pro players are on a bunch of rosters and current team USA members occupy a bunch of spots as well

The champions – OC Cowboys – return Skyler Hoar, Gerry Osterkamp, Juaquin and Itan Chavira. The LA Pama Cyclones have Rob Sudduth in net to go along with Travis Noe, Joey Doran, John Siemer, Stephen Campbell and Thomas Woods.

I cannot believe how well we have played, the guys earned it, fixed the issues we had earlier, skated harder and shot the puck…it was a pleasure to have a front row seat.

Playoffs, if we make it, will be October 15 in Irvine. 

Our active roster is

Keith Abraham, Las Vegas
Matt Abraham, Las Vegas
Tyler Myers, Las Vegas
Troy Lake, Las Vegas

Jacob Chaires, Las Vegas
Tim Mullis, Las Vegas
Marcus Esparza, Phoenix, AZ
Fritz Sandberg, Scottsdale, AZ
James Lovberg, Fullerton, CA
Jim Goodliffe, Phoenix, AZ

Eric Hernandez, Phoenix, AZ