Thursday, September 29, 2016

By Bob Wright

Las Vegas – Goalie Erik Eidissen, a transfer from Dakota College, will get the start – his second straight one – for the UNLV Rebels against a strong Weber State team on Friday night at the SoBe Ice Arena on North Rancho Drive. The game will begin at 8:45 pm.

Eidissen was in the net for a 3-0 win over Weber last week. Anthony Greener, UNLV head coach, liked what he saw and is sticking with him. Eidissen is from Uplands, Vasby, Sweden. He played two seasons in the WSHL, first with the San Diego Gulls junior team, then the Southern Oregon Spartans.

UNLV is off to a 5-0-0 start and has outscored teams 35-9. The UNLV top goal scorers – Dion Antisin (8 goals), Cody Williams (5) and Viktor Brask (4) are in the lineup for Friday night. Antisin is a powerful force. He is from Kelowna, BC.  Cody Williams of Las Vegas is one of UNLV’s all-time great skaters and goal scorers.

The Rebels have three goalies rostered including star goalie Terry Martin of Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada, Alex Feese of Colorado Springs and Eidissen from Sweden.

From the Blue Line –  UNLV defenseman Steve Terry is coming off the injury list and is making first start on Friday night….Terry Martin’s hometown – Ardossan, Alberta, Canada – is very small with a population of 417.

UNLV Starting Lineup Grid


Ethan Montoya, Axle Anderton, Steven Scamorza

Mitchell Province, Jake Saxe, Dion Antisin

Cody Williams, Tristan Mayer, Viktor Brask

Cody Lane, Jesse Simone


Baz Assaf, Nick Giers

Steve Terry, Ian Davis

Connor Hetzel, Hunter Speier


Erik Eidissen