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Important NARCh News!!!

Winternationals is all set for Jan 13th-16th in Huntington Beach, CA.  The entry form and block schedule can be found on the website: Winternationals Info.  The host hotel info will be up very soon!

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The Block Schedule for the West Coast FINALS in San Jose can be found at: WC Finals Block ScheduleThe list of current events scheduled, including 2017 regional qualifiers can be found at: NARCh Events.   Please note that we also plan to add qualifiers in Escondido, St. Louis, and Raleigh but dates have not been locked in for those events yet.

The East Coast FINALS are set to take place at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario on July 12th-23rd.   We hope to release that block schedule very soon, along with host hotel information for both NARCh FINALS.

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We hope you are having a great week and excited for the start of the NHL Season tonight!  It’s always exciting to see former NARCh Players in the NHL and more roller hockey players than ever have made NHL Rosters, which is awesome!NARCh Staff