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=== A Christmas Story ====

Starring coach Rob Pallin, Dave Francis, Gramps, hockey dads Steve Allen, George Kemper, Gene Krametbauer, Tommy Ricketts and Pete Trimboli plus athletic trainer Kendall Galor and teenage skater Ryan Zurfluh, his Hockey Sister Leah and introducing Peppers the Zamboni driver.

By Lee Samuels and Mary Cate Zurfluh

There is a dark area over by the north rinkboards at the SoBe Ice Arena. Fast-skating forwards are told not to go into that neighborhood where danger lurks. When the L.A. Hornets were in town last season the Thompson Twins together trapped and slammed hard into Ryan of the Las Vegas Mustangs. Ryan went down into a heap and coach Rob left the bench, walked onto the ice and crouched down to look at his fallen goal scorer.

“They got me pretty good, coach. Hurts real bad. Can’t move much,” Ryan said.

Athletic trainer Kendall Galor was also on the ice looking down at Ryan. “He needs help coach, like right now,” she said softly.

Rob nodded, looked up and watched teardrops slowly streaking down the outside of the cold rink glass. 

The teardrops were from Ryan’s younger sister Leah.

And as coach Rob lifted Ryan off the ice he looked over towards the Hornets bench where the Thompson Twins were laughing and high-fiving with their head coach.

That was one year ago.

When the L.A. Hornets and the Thompson Twins came back to town during Christmas Week hockey sister Leah – now an ice dancer – would somehow get into the game and even the score in one of the most heated and most important games in Las Vegas hockey history.


This Christmas hockey story is composed and written by Lee and daughter Mary Cate Zurfluh has a stunning, electrifying finish – a must read – will be released here on Vegashockey.net on Thanksgiving weekend.


Lee Samuels is the author of holiday classics…

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Mary Cate Zurfluh is the author of a children’s book

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