Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ontario, California – Ted Astrom of the WSHL Las Vegas Storm scored a dramatic goal with 2:03 left in regulation to tie the game 6-6, then the WSHL Ontario Avalanche won the final battle in an OT/Shootout 7-6 here Sunday at the Center Ice Arena. Las Vegas will get a team point for the standings. Ontario had more shots in regulation play 48-40.

Here is the Las Vegas scoring in order:

Las Vegas – Nikita Pintsuv (Alex Roth assist)

Las Vegas – Nikita Pintsuv (Alex Roth)

Las Vegas – Nick Peck (Jeffery Morgan, Jasper Fitzi)

Las Vegas – Isaiah Letendre (Ted Astrom)

Las Vegas – Jeffery Morgan (Vito Carlo, Tino Nummela)

Las Vegas – Ted Astrom (Armandus Laukkanen, Nikita Pintsuv)

Las Vegas goalie – Brooks Dimarino