Saturday, January 28, 2017

Las Vegas –  UNLV cranked it early and rumbled past Southern Methodist University (SMU) 12-1 on Saturday night at the Las Vegas Ice Center.  UNLV goalie Erik Eidissen raised his season record to 11-4-0. The Rebels, 25-5-0 and ranked West #2, are now gearing up to face West #3 ranked Northern Arizona University (NAU) next week on their home ice.

UNLV scoring, in order:

UNLV – Austin Shannon (Steven Scamorza)

UNLV – Tristan Mayer

UNLV – Austin Shannon (Cody Williams, Tristan Mayer)

UNLV – Jake Saxe (Dion Antisin)

UNLV – Dion Antisin (Jake Saxe, Tristan Mayer)

UNLV – Cody Williams

UNLV – Niklas Giers (Cody Williams, Bas Assaf)

UNLV – Connor Hetzel (Mitchell Province)

UNLV – Trevor Ruiz (Bas Assaf, Nicklas Giers)

UNLV – Steven Scamorza (Austin Shannon)

UNLV goalies

Erik Eidissen (first two periods), Alex Feese (third period)