Thursday, February 23, 2017

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The best-ever WSHL Las Vegas Storm club made some deadline roster moves to wire in for a big three-game road series against the Western Division leader Long Beach Bombers on Thursday night at the Glacial Gardens in Lakewood California.

Storm GM/Head coach Gabe Gauthier said Michael Behl, a forward from Minnesota, and Brandon Bell, a defenseman from Manitoba, have joined the team.

Ted Astrom, a big goal scorer, is still injured and not available this weekend.

Las Vegas has set a club record for most wins (22) and most goals (221). The top goal scorers include Nikita Pintusov with 36, Isaiah Letendre 29, Jeffery Morgan 28, Astrom, 20, Alex Roth 18 and Sam Sykes 17.

The three games will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“Long Beach is big and strong. They have veteran players who make a difference,” Gauthier said, sizing up the 41-5-1 Bombers who are 20-1-0 on home ice at the Glacial Gardens.

From the Blue Line –  The Storm is down to its final six games in the regular season, then the playoffs get underway….The Storm is now in 6th place in the Western Standings meaning they would open the playoffs against the WSHL Ontario Avalanche.