Rob Pallin remains in Innsbruck!

After the season is before the season. Only one day after the quarter-finals against the Vienna Capitals the Innsbruck sharks announce the first contract extensions. Head Coach Rob Pallin remains a shark as well as Hunter Bishop and Philipp Lindner.

In the end coach Rob was visibly moved. No wonder it should ultimately be the last speech before his team this season.Haie-Headcoach Rob Pallin thanked his team for the quarter-finals against the Vienna Capitals. Thanks to him, too. The US American vaccinated the Innsbruck sharks this year the winner gene and led the Tyroleans after eight years of abstinence sensationally to the direct playoff qualification. All the more fortunate is the sporting leadership around board member Norbert Ried, that the US-American will also be in the coming season behind the gang of the Innsbruck sharks. “Rob moved a lot this year and formed the sharks into a great team. We have achieved all our goals, with the direct qualification for the playoffs even surpassed.

Pallin himself also expressed satisfaction. “We have increased ourselves in terms of victories by 50 percent. This is a madness. Innsbruck is a beautiful city, I like to be here. “

His gaze is already focused on the coming season. First positive news is already noticeable. With Hunter Bishop an absolute top performer also crosses the shark jersey in 2017/2018 and goes back to Tyrol in Torjagd. With 25 goals and 24 assists, the fast-paced Alaska man once again made a great performance. “I feel at home in Innsbruck. People are mad and Rob is a great coach, “says Bishop.

Youngster has also extended Philipp Lindner. The 21-year-old delivered an appealing season and remains faithful to his homeland. “It’s incredible fun to play with this team, I want to be a part of it and look forward to the coming year.”