There are big stories coming here on

#1 Who is the Best Las Vegas defenseman of all time. Many say Eddie Del Grosso but our readers have others in mind. There will be a poll listed here this week. Then the voting begins to determined who is the very best.

#2 How It All Began – The big club NHL Golden Knights are heading into town. Historically there have been many Las Vegas star players and coaches at all levels who been in the biggest games and have made the game of hockey tick here for over 20 seasons. This will be a three-part series.

#3 Just in Time for Christmas, the Unstoppable Johnnie Gold – Our annual holiday story this fall will feature bigtime goal scorer Johnnie Gold who loves only gold – his helmet, stick and skates are gold and his L.A. Hornets coach Jack Black wears gold sunglasses while on the bench. Somehow the Las Vegas Mustangs coached by Rob with GM Pete Trimboli, super scout Tommy Ricketts and the thoughtful Gramps must devise a plan to win at the annual Christmas Tournament on a snowy night in Vancouver, Canada. There will be other Las Vegas hockey folks you will recognize as well.  Written by Lee Samuels and daughter Mary Cate Zurfluh. Mary Cate is the author of Flash the Cat and other children’s books.