Two Unbeatens Collide In Memorial Day Gold Medal Game, As…

Anaheim, Calif. — Coach Joe Morin’s Arizona Roadrunners, which included some top AA Las Vegas Mustangs, won a stunner here on Monday. The Roadrunners beat a highly energized, hard-hitting Langley Hornets ice team, 3-2 in an overtime shootout in the 17-and-under gold medal game at the Disney Ice Arena.

Morin’s team was in the finals last Memorial Day, but lost to Todd Collins’ AAA Polar Bears of Peoria, Az.

This time, Morin had a top goalie in Fulweiler who plays for Rob Pallin’s 17-and-under AA Mustangs ice team. Fulweiler allowed only three goals all weekend and was named the tournament MVP.

Arizona and Langley were both 4-0 going into the final game. Josh Jasek of Las Vegas and Shane Palmer of Flagstaff scored goals to help Arizona battle to a 2-2 tie in regulation.

The game was decided during the second OT shootout, when Palmer scored again and Arizona got the win, 3-2.

The Las Vegas skaters on the Arizona roster included Josh Jasek, Travis Roseberry, Spike Neely, T.J. Craig and J.C. Caron.

“I’ve seen a lot of hockey,” said Bob Roseberry, GM for the Las Vegas Mustangs, “and this was as good as it gets. That was an exceptional Langley team which came out hitting hard.”

From the Blue Line, Lee
Memorial Day Weekend Roller Hockey…

Anaheim, Calif. — Ryan Hobbs usually winds up and cranks in blue-streak shots from long range. In house roller leagues, when he sets up, defensemen run for cover. That’s how hard the shots are.

However, Hobbs scored on two breakaways, used a nice backhand and netted three goals from close range as Larry Sanford’s Las Vegas Titans AAA 16-and-under bantam team closed out with an 8-0 win over the Anaheim Mission Bulldogs late Sunday night.

That gave Las Vegas a 2-1 record for the weekend.

Here’s what happened:

AAA KOHO Bantam Roller, 16-and-under

Las Vegas Titans 6, NorCal Extreme 1
Pro Joy Valley Stars 4, Las Vegas Titans 2
Las Vegas Titans 8, Anaheim Mission Bulldogs 0

Billy Tufano, Jason Allen and Evan Zucker scored two goals each in the three games. Eddie Del Grosso played, but had a thumb injury on the shooting hand. Goalie Cody Fulweiler, who was also playing ice here for the Arizona Roadrunners at the Disney Arena, started the second game.

That was the toughest one, as the Pro Joy Valley Stars got off to a 4-0 lead. The Stars play out of Northern California and are regarded as one of the top KOHO roller teams from that region.

Pro Joy won this regional, beating NorCal and
Anaheim by scores of 4-3 and 4-3.

NOTEBOOK — Michael Morton, who is tearing up house league action this summer, also scored a goal for the Titans…..Spike Neely pulled a ‘double,’ playing ice and roller this weekend…Joe Morin’s Arizona Roadrunners won two more games, 9-0 and 9-3, and are taking on the high-powered Langley Hornets of Canada on Monday at the Disney Ice Arena.

From the Blue Line, Lee