Thursday, June 1, 2017

By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas roller hockey coach Adam Stio is involved in a number of interesting hockey-related projects heading into this summer.

Here are summertime plans for Adam who has coached roller hockey, has managed a roller hockey arena and has played the game.

Adam said “we have a new company that I have been concentrating on called Rotator Sports. We make custom team apparel, uniforms and tons of extras like compression sleeves, towels and others things.

“For hockey we have uniforms, shells, socks, roller pants and we will be having a couple of teams representing our company at various roller hockey events – TORHS in Tampa and NARCh Nationals in Toronto.

“I am currently working on a training puck. It will be the same weight and dimensions as an ice hockey puck but it moves like a puck on the ice. It works on most surfaces and we’ve already had some amazing reviews with our prototypes. The production run should finish by the end of June and we will do final testing before release which we are hoping will be before the end of this summer just in time for the new season.

“We’ve been offered a couple of coaching jobs again for spring and summer – but not sure if we will take any. Offers have been good but I would only leave town if something really good came up.

“We really enjoyed last season. We took over the Las Vegas Wolves and we are hoping to make them bigger and better for the upcoming season.”


Coach Adam Stio’s email is