Thursday, June 22, 2017

By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – In the cold North Rink at the Las Vegas Ice Center last night we asked a super scout what exactly is he looking for in a player or a goalie at Roy Henderson’s Global Showcase.

He had a large notebook, a marked up roster of players and was right next to the rink glass whlle peering towards the ice.

Here were his checkpoints in this order:

#1 HOCKEY SENSE – Does a player understand the game, does he know where to be on a break out, does he know his ice positioning to set up a scoring play

#2 SKATING – To play in the WSHL, BCHL or NAHL a player must have tremendous acceleration and quickness. Each player is graded on his skating.

#3 COMPETE LEVEL – How hard does a player compete – does he win puck battles, is he willing to go to the boards and battle for puck possession.

#4 BEHAVIOUR ON AND OFF THE ICE – After a player gets a penalty a scout will look at the behaviour of the player on the bench – does he keep his cool, bark at an official or worse. Top players stay composed.

The scout concensus here, at least the ones we spoke to, say this is the best talent pool ever put together by Global Las Vegas and there are a large number of players here who can go directly into junior level hockey.