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Las Vegas – Hometown goalie Luke Fundator was named MVP in the Gold Medal Game for Team Atlantic in a 9-4 win over Team Canada yesterday at the Las Vegas Ice Center. There were over 120 players from Canada and USA at the tournament

Las Vegas players Jacob Underhill, Noah McAllen, Hunter Keech and Fundator played for Team Atlantic

In the 2004 Division Team USA went 5-0-0 for the tournament and beat Team CAN-AM 9-3 in the gold medal game. Dominick Ditondo, Matthew Lackas, Shane Dean and Gia Avalone of Las Vegas skated for Team USA.

02/03 Division

Team Atlantic (1st place) – Luke Fundator (goalie), Jacob Underhill (2 points), Noah McAllen (1 point), Hunter Keech

Team Can-Am (3rd place) – Trent Carter

Team USA (4th place) – Erik Atchinson (10 points), Ashley Printzen (1 point), AJ Lackas (1 pt), Nicholas Bonaldi and Max Lacroix (goalie)

04 Division

Team USA 1st place – Dominic Ditondo (8 points), Matthew Lackas (6 points), Shane Dean (5 points), Gia Avalone (4 points)

Team Atlantic 3rd place – Dexter Kichline (3 points)