By Lee Samuels

There is a new team – the Las Vegas Calvary – and they go into action tonight – Friday – at the City National Arena right here in town. Adam Stio, who has been involved in ice and roller hockey for years, is the GM/Head Coach.  Las Vegas plays Utah in its very first game tonight – Friday. We asked Adam Ten Questions and he responded quickly.


#1 Tell us about yourself, how did you get to Las Vegas

“I am originally from Rutherford, New Jersey. I was coaching in the ECHL with the Elmira Jackals, my father was having serious heart surgery and needed my help in Las Vegas. I was very close with my father.

#2 Did you play hockey while growing up

“I started like most players in the street playing with Mylec plastic bladed sticks around six or seven years old. My mother had taken me skating since I was three or four years old. I played roller hockey from 9 to 10 years old and then ice hockey at the age to 10 to 11. I played with a couple of youth travel teams like Don Bosco Prep, a few junior teams in the Met League and then some roller teams along the way.

#3 You’ve been involved in a lot of roller hockey here in town.

“Long stories there. I played in a few leagues at the original InLine Skating Club of America – ISCA – out in New Jersey and a bunch of travel teams. I had the privilege of skating in the old RHI and MLRH in 97-99 and then a bit of Pro Beach hockey when I worked with V-formation skates.

#4 What is your role with the Calvary which begins play tonight.

“I am the coach for the team and I run the business operations.

#5 Why did you select City National Arena as your home ice.

“I spoke with all three rinks to find out what was best for our organization. City National had the best start times for our games and practices – a full locker room – it was a tough choice but it was the one with the best fit.

#6 Who is your head coach …

“That’s me. I am in charge on the bench.

#7 Who are the Las Vegas players on the Calvary.

“Our starting goalie tonight – Friday – is Mike Katz. Our defense is anchored by Richie Crossley and Todd Brautigam. Our forwards include Cody Milligan, Cody Incollingo, Justin Rowe, Zack Smith and Justin Battaglia to name a few.

#8 Tell us about the Mountain West League

“Basically it is an 18-and-over league which is branded as semi-pro – but it is basically a Senior A League – no one gets paid, it’s just a great full contact level for players trying to get to the next level or players finished with a career or who still want to play on a competitive level.

#9 What are season goals

“To help those who are trying to move to the next level, provide a great experience to our players and give the City of Las Vegas a hopeful alternative to watch some more hockey when the NHL Golden Knights and UNLV Rebels are not playing or are on the road.

#10 What would you like to say to the Las Vegas hockey community

“The city is going hockey crazy – it is so, so great to see. Support all three of your local rinks, try playing hockey because it’s the best sport out there, come out to see the Golden Knights and if you cannot afford seats at their games great alternatives are to catch a UNLV game or the Calvary. The seats at the City National Arena are so close to the action – it will get you hooked.