Wednesday, November 29, 2017

By Lee Samuels

Boulder, Colorado – Late night game video doesn’t fib. When UNLV head coach Anthony Greener studied who exactly was scoring for Colorado University he blue-penciled numbers #21, #77 and #10. That is the top line for Colorado and according to coach Greener “we need to shut down that line.”

UNLV, ranked #12 in ACHA D1, is taking on #8 ranked Colorado here Thursday night. The Colorado players coach Greener is referring to include #21 Matt Anders with 14 goals, #77 Ryan McAuliffe with 7 goals and #10 Trace Jablin with 9 goals.

“I would say that line produces 50% of Colorado’s goals. They are good working together. Defensively we need to do something about it,” Greener said.

UNLV this weekend is playing in their final games of the first semester. UNLV vs Colorado is tomorrow night then the Rebels close out the weekend with two road games vs Colorado State.

UNLV’s travel plans go like this: practice in Las Vegas on Wednesday 8 am, get onto a flight to Colorado, take the Rebels players to see a NHL game featuring the Winnipeg Jets vs the Colorado Avalanche “as a fun team outing” and then prepare to play in a three-game weekend.

UNLV’s premier goalie Ben Giesbrecht (7-4-0, 2.18 gaa, 92.2% save percentage) will get the start vs Colorado. The Rebels also announced Zach Schlitt would see action due to Jonas Gordon’s suspension during the Utah series. Colorado is coached by Eric Ballard who has been a top coach at various levels of the game for years.

Thursday, November 30

#12 ranked UNLV at #8 ranked Colorado 16-4-1 at the CU Rec Center on campus

Friday, December 1

UNLV at Colorado State, 6-12-0

Saturday, December 2

UNLV at Colorado State, 6-12-0


Colorado State has a 6-4 win over its greatest rival Colorado.


After these games UNLV will take a semester break and return to action Feb 2-3 with games against Arizona State.