Monday, December 18, 2017

By Lee Samuels

The Nominations are in – and what a massive record-breaking number of players, coaches and hockey folks for the 2017 Vegas Hockey Awards. Voting begins now through midnight December 30.  Winners will be announced midnight New Year’s Eve. Thanks sincerely to all who participated in the nominations. All of your votes are meaningful.

The biggest awards include the 2017 Player of the Year – Jason Zucker has won six straight years – Coach of the Year – Anthony Greener and Nick Robone won last year and of course the All Heart Award. Additionally there will be categories to award top players, goalies and hockey execs in Pro, NCAA, UNLV, Junior Hockey, AAA, AA, High School. There has been heavy voting in Women’s Pro – Megan Myers is a three-time winner – and AAA//AA girls. We are looking for votes in Best Roller Hockey Player in town. Cody Printzen, for example, played for a USA National roller team which played internationally last summer.

The Las Vegas Hockey Person of the Year is a major award as well. You can vote for your favorite arena, Best Arena Music, Best Arena Snack Bar, Best Rink Coffee. 

Vote now. There are Las Vegas skaters and goalies playing the game in all parts of the USA and Europe as well. We thank all for helping to honor the best there in Las Vegas.