Saturday Flash Update at City National Arena, Las Vegas

Final Score – great game

San Diego Skates 9, Las Vegas Cavalry 7

Las Vegas goals

Tyler Bush 3 goals, Cody Milligan 3, Justin Battaglia

By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas –  Adam Stio’s Las Vegas Cavalry firefighted all night long against a slick, hard-skating San Diego Skates club but then…suddenly….the clock ticked down to 0:00 before another big crowd at City National Arena on a wickedly cold and blustery Saturday night.

San Diego won the entertaining scorefest 9-7. Tyler Bush of Las Vegas scored 3 goals, Cody Milligan had three 3 goals and Justin Battaglia one goal. 

It was a game Stio and the Cavalry dearly wanted to win because of playoff implications but San Diego’s awesome skill and skate speed was too much to overcome.

From the Blue Line – Las Vegas battled to a 4-3 lead but San Diego with its flashy quick skaters turned it up and blasted to the lead going into the third period…#9 Kody Holmes of Las Vegas had a great skate with scoring opportunities for Las Vegas…D-man Richie Crossley made a number of tricky passes on target..Kenny Miller in net.. Justin Battalia has made a number of hard rushes towards the San Diego net..Crossley took out a San Diego forward on the north rinkboards….and just like old times Crossley was paired defensively with Devin Lane. The two have played together effectively in the biggest of games for many years. They are really something to see on the ice.


Las Vegas – Tyler Bush, Richard Prekop and Ryan Rinko scored for the Las Vegas Cavalry in a 9-3 loss to the San Diego Skates on Friday night at the City National Arena.

“We got off to a rough start, then we had a great third period. We’ve got to get our game together for all three periods,” said Cavalry GM/Head Coach Adam Stio.

Las Vegas and San Diego return for Game Two of the weekend series tonight – Saturday – at the City National Arena. Faceoff, 7:30 pm.