Thursday, March 8, 2018

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Columbus, Ohio –  The mystery about Drexel University’s hockey club is over.  The UNLV Rebels as Viktor Brask scored two goals and Cody Williams had four assists crunched Drexel 7-1 in the opening round game at the ACHA D1 Nationals.

UNLV will take on #4 seed Ohio here on Friday.

UNLV coach Anthony Greener was unable to locate any video of Drexel’s games in the last two weeks. However, UNLV went right to work scoring seven times in their debut in ACHA D1 playoff hockey.

UNLV scoring

UNLV – Sheldon Brett from Jake Saxe

UNLV – Kameron Fink from Cody Williams, Elijiah Barriga

UNLV – Viktor Brask from Zach Lawson, Tristan Mayer

UNLV – Elijiah Barriga from Cody Williams

UNLV – Bas Assaf from Jonah Pearson and Cody Williams

UNLV – Jonah Pearson from Kameron Fink, Cody Williams

UNLV – Viktor Brask

UNLV goalie – Ben Giesbrecht