Las Vegas hockey coach Rob Pallin on the bench with HC TWK Innsbruck in Austria


Standing ovations and many new fans won – the dramatic 5-3 defeat in game six and the equalizer in the quarter-final series against the Vienna Capitals had many crying, but also some smiling eyes ready. After many years, there is a real euphoria about the Innsbruck sharks and the team of coach Rob Pallin. The Tyrolean state capital has established itself on the hockey map. 
Success trainer Rob Pallin recapitulates after a few days of rest, the most moving and successful season since the re-emergence.

Rob, a few days have passed now, have you digested the described “quick death” and that out in game six against the Capitals?

Well, it gets better, but I’ve already stressed that I still have not quite realized it. We were incredibly close, we brought the champion to the brink of retirement. I also believe that we could have done it. This is bitter on the one hand, but also gives me confidence that we can compete with everyone. Our way is the right one.

This said path has brought the sharks in game six a record visit. In the past 14 years, no more spectators have come to a game of sharks. Does that make you proud?

Of course it makes me proud and confirms our path. It is the reward of hard work and the development of a whole club. But this is not about me. It’s about a whole city and the sport. The “credit” is primarily due to the players, they have done great things and caused a euphoria. I think the team has won hearts and new fans. And that’s the only way

Nevertheless, you have contributed a significant part …

I always try my best. I have spent a lot of work and time in scouting and I am glad that everything went so well. The guarantee you never have.

All the better are then scenes as against Vienna. The atmosphere was unique, right?

It was goose bumps. I did not think that in Innsbruck this atmosphere is possible. That makes the sport so great and gives the club the necessary motivation for the coming years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all fans and spectators. It was a magical night.

All in all, it was the best season of sharks since the resurgence. How would you summarize your second year?

It’s not that easy after the end of the game, but we improved again and improved a lot, especially defensively. The Tyrolean players have taken a big step and developed strongly. Of course, it is important to continue working here and to do it again next year. But the development is good. We will also be more deeply occupied.
It was a pity, of course, that we did not reach the desired fourth place, which surely messed up our progress. But we must not be dissatisfied.

Purely sporty throws the new season, the shadow ahead. The plans are already running?

Naturally. We discussed internally how we want to perform in the coming season and what personalities can help us here. Of course we want the tribe to keep the identity of the team together as well as possible. We are currently working on that, there are many discussions with the boys. Of course, we always have to move within a framework and here it is necessary to probe. But I believe that everyone has done a good job and is still doing so. I’m very happy that we can keep some players and play a good role again next year.

Where can the journey go? How much is possible?

Honestly, everything is possible. That’s why we play ice hockey and that’s why you become a pro. You always want to achieve the best possible. The goal should be to take another step again. Of course, this is not a matter of course, but over the past two years, a lot of positive things have developed around the club. We work together very well. Here, thanks are due to all helping hands in the club.

How far is one concrete with the player planning?

As I said, we all work very meticulously. There are already some good signals. I am sure that we will see a very hot shark team in the coming season.

How do you personally look for the coming weeks?

I will continue to deal with the club and the upcoming season. I will stay in Innsbruck until the beginning of May and will hold many talks. Of course I will watch some games in the various leagues.

Thank you coach Rob for the interview