June 13, 2018

By Lee Samuels

Nick Robone of Las Vegas wants to do what he’s always done – pull on a jersey, lace up his roller skates, be with his best friends and get moving onto the rink floor in a NARCh Roller Tournament in Irvine, California beginning Friday, June 29.

This is truly an amazing story. Nick was shooting victim at the Harvest 91 Festival near Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino last fall.  His brother Anthony helped rescue him. After being in a Las Vegas hospital, Nick returned as a coach with Anthony Greener and the UNLV Rebels nationally ranked ice hockey team.

But Nick, who is one of the greatest Las Vegas stars in roller hockey, is aching to get back and compete in heavy action at a NARCh roller hockey tournament.

Adam Tamura of Las Vegas is a player coach of Rebel Dynasty which is playing in a Silver level field of pro teams. Las Vegas skaters include Sean Pearson, Emmanuel Banez, Louie Dube, Eddie and Ian Davis, Mitchell Province, Austin Shannon and goalie John Eugenio.

 “I am very excited to skate with friends again. It’s been a while and it will be fun to get back out there and compete with our guys,” Nick said.

The first game will be on Friday, June 29, 4 pm.

Nick, 28, and Rebel Dynasty will take on Tropics in their first game.  Rebel Dynasty will play two more round robin games and then prepare to go into heated playoff eliminator action.

And when was the last time Nick played in a NARCh Roller Tournament?

That was in 2016

Nick’s teammates that season included star skaters Micah Sanford, Chris Francis, Billy Tufano, Shawn Pearson and Kris Carter in Men’s Pro Platinum.