Quote of the Day

“One night a certain kid didn’t show up and they asked me to play goalie. At the end of the swamp rink closest to the streetlight there was a “net” someone had knocked together with two by fours and rusty chicken wire. I was handed a pair of sofa cushions for legpads and and an old catcher’s mask and a first baseman’s mitt and was directed to the crease. 

“The game began and a player streaked towards me. He rifled a shot on goal and I came sliding out and knocked it aside. My teammates cheered as they gathered up the puck and went the other way.

“Using the blade of my stick, I cleared ice shavings from in front of the net, like an old pro. In that instant I discovered my passion for hockey.”


Jay Atkinson, writing in his book Ice Time, published by Crown, 2001