An excerpt from our 2016 Christmas story – Miracle at SoBe Ice Arena, Las Vegas


Kid Leah burned towards the net for a shootout goal and then – with streamers whirling from the top of her hockey stick – she veered to her right and circled around the net at the SoBe Ice Arena on North Rancho Drive.

She circled the net several times as LA Hornets coach Jack Black screamed at the two officials.

Leah returned to the blue line and pushed a second small black button on her hockey stick.

There was a loud groaning sound as the Sobe overhead scoreboard began to rotate and what looked like snow was falling onto center ice.

The Hornets coach lost it on the bench, the referees watched with arms folded and on the Las Vegas bench coach Rob Pallin stepped back and smiled.

The scoreboard was now spinning madly, the streamers were swirling out of the top of Leah’s hockey stick when she leaned down and prepared to make her final run at the net. She thought of her brother Ryan who was crushed and injured by a Hornets defenseman earlier in the tournament.

“Get Ready Goalie – Merry Christmas – This One is for My Brother.”

Leah scored the shootout goal, won the game, then she skated off the ice.


Excerpt from our 2016 Christmas Story – Miracle at the SoBe Ice Arena

Written by Lee and daughter Mary Cate Zurfluh