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Just in Time for Christmas – Shaggy – the Golden One

By Lee Samuels and Mary Kate Zurfluh

Every year during Christmas break coach Rob takes his AAA Las Vegas Outlaws to the Richmond International Midget Tournament on Vancouver Island

But this time there is a hitch.

With a capital H.

At a team meeting Vegas GM Greg Yochum told Rob, bench coach John McNicholas and scout Tommy Ricketts there has been a slight change in plans.

“We have to play an eliminator game against AAA Montana Rams on their home ice on Big Mountain in Montana. Win that, then we go to Vancouver,” Yochum said.

Tommy Ricketts opened his black binder, turned pages and said “that’s Shaggy’s team. They don’t lose games on home ice. And we got to get our bus through an icy Bozeman Pass to get there.”

McNicholas added “actually Shaggy and his teams there have never lost there in years since he was a small boy. They sell out every game – 2,800 seats. They chased the big LA teams out of town. Idaho teams won’t go there. I know a hockey mom there – Kim Gillard in Billings – and she knows all about Shaggy. Six foot one, 180, Shaggy skates with a lot of protection at his side. Small forwards criss cross in front of enemy goalies. Diversion tactics. Shaggy sets up at the point and fires away. They call him The Golden One.

“And when they win everyone in town the next day gets free burgers and shakes at Shaggy’s Sugar Shack BBQ. Shaggy’s folks own the place on Big Mountain,” McNicholas added.

“Do we really want to go there? Really? Yochum asked.

All eyes were on coach Rob.

“Of course we do. It’s a great challenge,” Rob said. “This is our only route to get to Vancouver.”

Then McNicholas added “there’s something I didn’t tell you.

“They changed the name of the arena to Shaggy Town.”


This Christmas story will feature Las Vegas locals including….

Coach Rob

Hockey dad Greg Yochum – Team GM

Hockey dad John McNicholas – Team Bench Coach

Hockey dad Tommy Ricketts – Team Super Scout

Hockey dad Steve Allen – At the rinkboards on game night

Hockey mom Kim Gilliard – Billings, Montana

Shaggy – created by Lee Samuels

Vegas Hockey reporter at the game – Leah Zurfluh

Vegas goalie Ryan Zurfluh

Skeeters – baby rink cat – created by Jay Zurfluh

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Lee and Mary Kate are the authors of…

Miracle at the SoBe Ice Arena

Just in Time for Christmas – The Unstoppable Johnnie Gold

Mary Kate writes childrens books including

Flash the Cat