Friday, September 14, 2018

By Lee Samuels

Las Vegas – At last it’s game night for the UNLV Rebels who take on a strong Eric Ballard-coached Colorado University team at the City National Arena here on Friday night. The two teams then play again here Saturday.

The start times are Friday, 7:30 pm, Saturday 2:30 pm

UNLV is coming off an astounding season in its first year in ACHA D1. The Rebels won 22 games, beat #1 ranked Minot State last winter and qualified for the U.S. Nationals.

UNLV head coach Anthony Greener said “…I’m not exactly sure what Colorado will be bringing to our game Friday night but I know they will come ready to play. They are always good with their systems and they will bring a strong physical style of play which we will have to deal with.”

Greener added “last season is behind us. The time now is the present. We have worked hard putting this team together all summer. Then over the last month or so the pieces got put into place so we all can succeed together. Friday night is the start of where we are going.

“I’ve known Eric Ballard, the Colorado coach, for a long time. He is good with his systems and always runs the right kind of ship. This should be a great weekend of hockey.”

From the Blue Line – UNLV’s top line will likely include Cody Williams, Joseph Kaszupski and Bruce Woodward. Coach Greener said he will soon formally announce his starting goalie for Game One of this two-game weekend.