Friday, September 21, 2018

By Lee Samuels

UNLV captain Cody Williams rushes around the ice, scores goals, makes the Rebels tick and boy did they need him here Friday night at the City National Arena.

Cody scored twice – both times spectacuarly – as UNLV won its 3rd straight game, this one 5-3 over an Arizona State team which played hard in a game which had a physical twist to it before a loud, highly energized hometown crowd.

Cody, in his 4th season, is one of UNLV’s all-time goal scorers. Take a look at this chart:



136 – Mike Zenzola

96 – Anthony Greener

87 – Cody Williams

83 – Sam Braniff

67 – Chris Jones

Cody has played on top UNLV teams but this one seems very special with speed, savvy, hard rushes down the outside lanes and great goal-tending. All of this makes it a bit easier for UNLV head coach Anthony Greener who sweats out every second of every game while on the bench and during timeouts takes sips of hot sweetened tea.

Cody said “for sure we are deeper this season. We have more players who can do more things. It’s exciting.”

Exciting is watching UNLV’s new goal scorer Paxton Malone jet down the ice or watching premier defenseman Eric Williams do his work effectively and like the great ones Eric makes it look easy while doing it.

As Cody outlined after the game this particular UNLV Rebels team looks like it has what it takes to go deep into the U.S. Nationals this season.

But that is a long time from now. On Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm  UNLV must deal again with Arizona State, a young team which skates and plays with passion.

UNLV raised it season record to 3-0-0. Arizona State is 1-1-1.

From the Blue Line – The University of Colorado, taken apart by UNLV here last weekend, is taking on Minot State next Thursday and Saturday….


UNLV goal scorers in order vs Arizona State

UNLV – Cody Williams 3rd goal of the season

UNLV – Bryce Woodward 4th

UNLV – Joseph Kaszupski 1st

UNLV – Cody Williams 4th

UNLV – Chase Torontov, 1st

UNLV goalie

Ben Giesbrecht – very, very strong in the net; 3-0-0 record this season.


Friday ACHA D1 Final Scores

Lindenwood 4, Central Oklahoma 2

Missouri State 5, Jamestown 1

Liberty 3, Penn State 1

Rutgers 6, Villanova 2

Liberty 3, D2 Penn State 1


Friday ACHA D2 Final Scores

Dallas Baptist 6, Washington 2

Eastern Washington 11, Idaho 2

Denver 3, Colorado 2