Saturday, October 28, 2018

Bet you didn’t know…

UNLV’s head hockey coach Anthony Greener played for the Rebels years ago. He was always on the top line. He played the game hard and was a team leader…He played in UNLV’s very first game vs UCLA years ago at the Santa Fe Stations Ice Arena…..During games Anthony had long conversations with officials to get his point across. As a UNLV coach he rarely speaks to officials…Our son Eddie Samuels when he coached said he “never saw one of my coaches win a battle with a referee so we just left them alone and instead worked on getting in the right players for different game situations…” UNLV’s assistant coach Nick Robone is in the Vegas Hockey Roller Hall of Fame – what a great player…UNLV’s athletic trainer Kendell Galor has a very famous father – Oren Galor, one of the best ever roller coaches here in town….When a game is tied and just seconds ticking down hockey coach Rob Pallin said “always put your best players on the ice and go for it.…Hockey mom Kim Gilliard of Billings, Montana – who will be in our holiday story ‘Just in Time for Christmas – Shaggy the Golden One’…years ago billeted Will ‘Money’ Munson of San Diego and our son Eddie when the two played for the NAHL Billings Jr Bulls. Kim recently put together sent a scrapbook of game pics and hockey family pics from that season – priceless, really…The great thing about going to a UNLV game is hearing all of the chatter about former Vegas players who were big stars in and ice and roller and where they are now….oh, by the way, Kim Billiard in Billings, Montana does know Shaggy, the star of our upcoming Christmas story….We’ve written for years for Vegas Hockey but never got the great insightful comments from readers that our new hockey writer Bethany Drysdale is getting. She has an unique look at the game. 

From the Blue Line – Lee Samuels