Monday, November 19, 2019

By Lee Samuels

It’s the good time of the year again – Thanksgiving Day week and the big day is on Thursday.

Let us know how you, family, team and coaches will celebrate. Everyone is welcome particularly our Las Vegas players who are away from home with their teams.

Send all all of the good stuff and details to

Our family, which is pretty big, is celebrating at the home of our daughter Mary Kate Zurfluh. She is a great writer of children’s books including Flash the Cat. Her husband Jay has created characters – including Skitters, a baby rink cat who somehow winds up on the wrong bench on game night and Peppers, an off the wall Zamboni driver – for our annual Christmas stories here on Vegas Hockey.

On Thanksgiving Eve we will release our annual holiday story..

Just in Time for Christmas – Shaggy The Golden One

Your Christmas will never be quite the same when you read this one……

When we were in high school we weren’t that good in sports but loved the games. We grew up in Pennsville, New Jersey. We wanted to write when we were in high school. Wes Denman, editor of the weekly Pennsville Progress newspaper, gave me the opportunity to do that. We worked on many other newspapers as well. Which brings us to Bethany Drysdale of Las Vegas. She wanted to write – it is something inside of you which drives you. She sent an email here. She had not written before. But she took her opportunity and is now a star reporter with a unique writing style here on Vegas Hockey. We welcome all first time writers to take the same route – if you want to write send me a note at and you will have a platform to do it right here on this site.