By Bethany Drysdale 

Vegas Hockey

Thanksgiving morning will mark our 7th Turkey Day in Las Vegas. I cannot believe how much life has changed in these past 7 years. We are now a family of four, with four small dogs. Each new year has brought new adventures, blessings and friendships. I am thankful for the new friends we have made in the hockey community. Our summer was a very difficult time, but through the positive interactions of the UNLV hockey team, a new positive path has presented itself. For that I am truly humbled and grateful to each person who has brought smiles into our lives.

This year, Lucas (age 5) and I will be running a Turkey Trot at 8 am Thursday morning. A portion of the proceeds from the race will go to fund Alzheimer’s Research and Caregiver Support! I was raised to understand that giving to others is far more important than receiving gifts. I have been blessed with so many good things in my life, and I love sharing what I have with others.

My husband, Marcus will be donning the chef’s apron and cooking a turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, yams, and stuffing. This is his favorite meal, so he gives me the day off from cooking, which I gladly accept. Every year, we invite Airman from my husband’s unit to come over and eat with us, but no one ever comes. This year we have extended the invitation to our hockey family, in the hopes of sharing the afternoon with the people who make our life better. Blake is especially looking forward to having “his” best friends stop by for dinner. He truly has bonded with several of the Rebels players, and as busy as they are, they make time to say hello to a little boy. We have confirmed that our special friend Kat, whom we have adopted as family, will be coming over to eat with us on Thursday.

Since the rinks are closed Thanksgiving Day, we will be watching sports on television. Friday we have plans to take the boys out on the ice to family skate. Any chance we can get to be on the ice with the kids is always a good day. It is difficult for me to skate like I used to do, because of c-spine injury. But I don’t let that stop me from getting out there and interacting with my kids.

I want to say a special thank you to Mr. Lee Samuels who has made me part of this wonderful group of friends and readers on Vegashockey.net. This has been an opportunity of a lifetime and I am deeply emotional about how much support and kindness has been shown to me through this friendship. God bless you all and try not to eat too much.