Sunday, December 9, 2018

What a weekend for the great Printzen hockey family in Las Vegas

First, Ash Printzen scored twice to help the AAA Detroit Honeybaked girls 19u win six games to capture the STX Windy City Girls Elite gold medal. Cody Printzen scored to help the WSHL Fresno Monsters get a weekend sweep of three games against the Southern Oregon Spartans.

Here is how it went:

Ash Printzen, AAA Detroit Honeybaked girls 19u

STX Windy City Tournament

Woodridge, Illinois


3-1 over Madison Capitals

3-1 over Team Colorado – Ash one goal


3-0 over Gentry

4-1 over Syracuse Nationals – Ash one goal


Final 4 Game

3-2 over Meier

Gold Medal Game

3-1 over CYA


Cody Printzen had a goal to help the WSHL Fresno Monsters win two out of three against the Southern Oregeon Spartans.

WSHL Fresno Monsters

3-1 over Southern Oregon Spartans

3-4 to Southern Oregon Spartans

5-0 over Southern Oregon Spartans (Cody one goal)